Understanding VDL Cholesterol

Very low-density lipoprotein is also known as VDL cholesterol.  Get rid of your cholesterol for good here.

VDL cholesterol is a kind of cholesterol that assists in the transport of triglycerides in the blood.

VDL cholesterol is created within the liver as a response to a meal that is very rich in carbohydrates. Medical professionals believe that VDL cholesterol plays a significant ole in the development of hardening of the arteries.

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Cholesterol is a waxy, soft substance that all cells in the body contain.

Cholesterol is important to the body for numerous reasons, and without it, the body would not be able to function. In order to get to the cells, cholesterol must travel in the bloodstream. Cholesterol is a fat, and like oil and water, it separates from blood.


To keep the cholesterol from breaking down in the blood specific proteins, known as lipoproteins, form a protective casing around the cholesterol.

This forms what is known as a cholesterol complex. The cholesterol with the lipoprotein escort freely travels where it needs to go without the cholesterol spilling into the blood. VDL is just one of several lipoprotein complexes.

Other include: High density lipoprotein (HDL) commonly known as the “good cholesterol.” Low density lipoprotein (LDL) or the “bad cholesterol, chylomicrons that transport triglycerides in the blood and (IDL) intermediate density lipoproteins.

The Role of VDL Cholesterol

When you eat a meal that is high in carbohydrates, VDL cholesterol is formed in the liver.

It converts extra carbohydrates that your body cannot use for immediate energy into fat (triglycerides) and deposit this fat within VDL to be taken to fat and muscle cells within the body.

Some cholesterol is also put into the VDL by the liver. VDL’s transport a huge amount of triglycerides in comparison to cholesterol.

Triglyceride Delivery and Cholesterol Conversion

The VDL deposits the triglycerides within the fat cells or muscles and becomes an IDL.

The IDL is free to return to the liver and be used again but most often IDL’s remain in the blood, drop off any excess triglycerides and become all cholesterol known as LDL.

Well over three-quarters of the total cholesterol in the body is in LDL particles.

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Use Diet To Reduce VDL Cholesterol Levels

Although the body must have cholesterol to function, VDL cholesterol is not a welcome visitor in the body and can lead to serious health problems. High VDL cholesterol levels in the greatly increase your chance of having a heart attack, developing high blood pressure or having a stroke. Needless to say, having high VDL cholesterol is a very serious condition and one that should not be taken lightly. There are several ways to reduce VDL cholesterol in the body by altering your diet.


Fiber will reduce VDL cholesterol levels by binding to the cholesterol and transporting it out of the body. High fiber diets also help to prevent obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Everyone should try to get at least 8 grams of fiber per day to keep overall cholesterol levels in check. Consuming whole grains such as steel cut oats, brown rice along with fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes will help to rid the body of damaging VDL cholesterol.

Fruits and Vegetables

Replacing highly processed foods with a colorful combination of fruits and vegetables will do wonders for lowering cholesterol in the body. Try to eat a fruit of vegetable serving with every meal and incorporate them into snacks, as well. Fruits and vegetables are calorie dense, nutrient rich foods that will fill you up without excess calories.

Good Fats

The body needs good fat to survive. Unfortunately, man people consume far too much bad fat including highly- saturated fat and trans-fats. These fats contribute to a rise in VDL cholesterol levels. Healthy fats include olive oil, avocados, fatty fish and low fat dairy products. Coconut oil although a saturated fat is an excellent fat to cook with and very healthy.

No Junk

Eating processed and fast food contributes to an increase in VDL cholesterol and promotes serious health problems. If you wish to be healthy, it is paramount that you reduce or eliminate your intake of processed foods. Eat foods as close to their natural state as you can for optimal health. Your body will thank you.





Managing Your VLDL Cholesterol

If you have really high levels of VLDL cholesterol then you’re going to have to make it a point to learn how to manage it properly. This form of cholesterol will actually lead you to having bad LDL cholesterol since it actually contains a lot of triglycerides which are one of the major culprits in bad cholesterol that we always want to avoid. So let’s take a quick look at some of the methods you can use to make sure that your VLDL cholesterol levels are under control so that they stay that way.

For starters, one of the major causes of VLDL cholesterol levels getting out of control is by overeating. Most people that overeat do so by consuming all of the wrong foods that contain high levels of low-density lipoproteins and very low density lipoproteins. So one of the things you need to get under control is your eating habits because they are one of the real reasons why this condition is making you sick and it can be avoided.

Another area that you might not realize can knock your VLDL cholesterol levels out of whack is if you are the kind of person who uses and abuses alcohol every day. Alcohol contains a high amount of VLDL cholesterol so consuming it on a regular basis is only going to make you much more unhealthy in the cholesterol area as well as many other areas of your life that this article really isn’t supposed to touch on.

One of the ways that a woman’s VLDL cholesterol can spiral out of control is through the use of birth control pills. I am not a medical doctor so I do not want to tell you to stop taking your birth control pills at all. But you may need to talk to your Doctor about this condition and your use of birth control pills if you feel that it is going to be an issue for you.

Please make sure you keep your VLDL cholesterol levels in check. This is an important indicator of either quality health or poor health, so you need to take this very seriously and really pay close attention to what it is telling you.

How To Fight VLDL Cholesterol

If you’ve recently found out that your VLDL cholesterol levels are too high than you’re going to need to do everything in your power to fight this problem so that you can get your health back on track right away. And one of the main ways to fight this condition off is to learn as much as you can about it so that you can use that knowledge to your advantage to make yourself well once again. So let’s take a look at some suggestions that should help you in this area right now.

VLDL cholesterol stands for the very low density lipoproteins. This can cause a major problem for you because it’s how your bad cholesterol is formed. One of the major ways to keep this in check is to stay away from all of the foods that you normally eat which are known to cause VLDL cholesterol levels to get too high. So you want to stay away from those foods as often as possible until you get your levels back down to normal. Some of the food you might want to stay away from are red meat, eggs, bacon, hot dogs, sausage and a lot of other foods that contain high cholesterol levels.

You could also fight off VLDL cholesterol levels by taking a natural approach and using specific herbs that will help lower your cholesterol levels and clear out your bloodstream and get your circulation running correctly again. Some of the best options available to you in this area are starting a fiber diet, eating fish, taking garlic in its raw form and in capsule form, grape seed extract and Cordyceps are also herbs and food items that will help combat high levels of VLDL cholesterol.

The last method I want to present you about fighting off VLDL cholesterol levels and keeping them low is to regularly begin exercising each and every day. Exercise is so important to your overall health and doing this kind of exercising will keep your circulation running properly so that your VLDL cholesterol levels do not get so far out of control.

Please put this VLDL cholesterol fighting advice into action as soon as possible. It will help you reclaim your health and feel good once again.

What Is VLDL Cholesterol?

For some reason VLDL cholesterol just hasn’t gotten much popularity over the years. A lot of people don’t even realize that this form of cholesterol actually exists, so I’m going to do my best to shed some light on this subject right now. So please take the time to read this important article about another aspect of cholesterol that you need to know that may never have heard of until this point in time. So let’s get into some of the further details right now.

The one thing you must pay attention to right now is that you definitely want to understand and be able to control your levels of VLDL cholesterol. It’s very important to the health of your heart. And it’s one of the major factors that play a role in the way your circulatory system operates.

The initials VLDL in VLDL cholesterol stand for very low density lipoprotein. This protein is actually the kind that will possess the largest amount of triglycerides which we obviously know is one of the main building blocks to LDL cholesterol which is unfortunately the bad cholesterol. So this is the kind of substance that you really do not want to have in excess within your body.

The way you will have your VLDL cholesterol get too far out of whack is if you eat a lot of high carbohydrate meals. When your liver begins to break down the carbohydrates it will change them over into triglycerides. And just like we said, the triglycerides are what causes the high levels of the bad cholesterol to stay present within your circulatory system and your bloodstream. So it’s definitely a good idea for you to regularly get your cholesterol tested so you know if your levels of LDL cholesterol and VLDL cholesterol need to be managed better.

It’s important to talk to your Doctor about VLDL cholesterol because not every individual will be at risk to struggle from this form of cholesterol. What your Doctor will let you know if you happen to fall in that category is based on certain factors. So make it a point to manage your cholesterol properly and then you won’t have to worry about this issue at all.

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